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Ctra. Can Macia, Km. 1, 08711- ODENA - BARCELONA - SPAIN


Since 1970, the Joan Valles tannery has been producing leathers for the furnishing, small leather goods and car upholstery sectors.

We are a leather supplier based in the Barcelona area in Spain. Specialized in leathers for the shoe, handbags, leather goods and Garment industry but we can match any leather you are currently using.

Supplies all leathers ranging from 0.6 mm up to 1.4 mm (1.5 oz. up to 3.5 oz.). We can ship to any country in the world within 2-3 weeks from time of orders.

Currently working China, India and other East Asian countries. Our leathers include, full grain, Polish, Naked, Athletic, Metallic Spray, Pearlized, Foil Metallic, Corrected, Embossed, Patents and others.



Full Grain Top Grain
for Upholstery, Garment, Shoe or Saddlery

Embossed Grain
for shoe and handbag leather

Split Suede
for lower cost furniture and garments

Nubuck Sueded Grain
for garments and Upholstery products

Fibre Leather
for garment and upholstery finished products