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  • Cow leather salted and Ox leather salted
  • Sole leather vegetable
  • Wet-Blue Splits
  • Carseat Leather Scraps,  Forniture Leather Scraps, Shoe Leather Scraps

Full Grain Leather
This is the upper layer of a hide which is split into layers by a splitting machine to various thickness.
Whether produced for Upholstery, Garment, Shoe or Saddlery, this is best, strongest, and most durable and valuable layer of hide.

Embossed Grain
Hides which have an excessive amount of scratches or scars are further processed by “correcting” the natural grain of a Full Grain skin.

Split Suede
The second layer or lower layer of the skin left after removing the Full Grain layer is the Split Suede and will be suede on both sides. It is less costly and therefore utilized in products where Full Grain is not required such as tool pouches, moccasins, suede garments etc.
It is used in lower cost furniture and garments and represented as “Genuine Leather”.

Nubuck Sueded Grain
This Full Grain layer of the skin is given a suede effect by lightly sanding the natural grain to open the hair cell and results in a velvety suede feel.
It is utilized in many garments and Upholstery products.

Fibre Leather
Here leather remnants and scraps from garment and shoe factories are ground up and recycled.
It is utilized in many low priced garment and upholstery finished products.



Full Grain Top Grain
for Upholstery, Garment, Shoe or Saddlery

Embossed Grain
for shoe and handbag leather

Split Suede
for lower cost furniture and garments

Nubuck Sueded Grain
for garments and Upholstery products

Fibre Leather
for garment and upholstery finished products